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Jan 5, 2009

Engineers Without Borders Approves Axim Clean Water System Extension Project!

After a year of extensive research and compiling information, including resources from two additional trips to Ghana, an application to Engineers Without Borders for the Axim water project was made in September 2008. Acceptance of the project by a new Engineers Without Borders chapter called the Northwest Washington Professionals in Bellingham, Washington provided the final momentum for the submittal to take place. November 10, 2008 brought official word of approval of the project application with comments that the project scope “seems well-researched “ and that the “The project team seems well qualified to carry out this project. “

With the acceptance by Engineers Without Borders, fund raising for the project has begun in earnest. A grant application was made in December, 2008 that will fund about half of the project. In addition, the project design of the improvements needs to be developed and submitted for review and approval prior to traveling to Ghana for implementation. A team of EWB engineers from the Bellingham, WA area, led by Board Member Ravyn Whitewolf, is now working on the next steps in this exciting process.