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Sep 6, 2010

Cooking at the WHH Children's Home: Gas Ring versus Coal Pot

This past month, Western Heritage Home purchased a "gas ring" cooker to supplement or even replace the "coal pot" technology. Shown here is the new propane gas cooker and a traditional coal pot. The gas ring is a big improvement because it burns cleanly, eliminating the smoke inhalation that plagues cooks in Ghana. It also eliminates the need for charcoal, which is a big problem in countries like Ghana where forests are being depleted. The gas cooker itself cost about $50 US. There is a challenge because the propane to fill the gas cylinder is not always available in Axim. The staff will keep the coal pot and have charcoal on hand for those times when propane runs out and none can be purchased. The photo above shows the cooking process: large "head pan" for cleaning the fish or vegetables, coal cooker and small pot, and large "soup pot". The cooks typically sit on the low stools. The older WHH girls have all learned to cook; girls are allowed to help from the youngest age---in this case, helping to peel the shallots.