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Apr 19, 2011

Internet Orientation Day at WHH

Students and teachers from Nsein High School, and from Manye Academy and Augustina Junior High recently visited the WHH facility for their first taste of the internet (and of computers)! We love the concentration on their faces! These students have heard about email, social networking, and internet research. They want with all their young hearts to join their peers around the world.

The students are using One Laptop Per Child computers donated by North Americans who participated in the Give One/Get One program. Ghana Together receives them, does a "clean build", and repairs if needed.

These computers will be used for regular Junior High ICT (information/computing technology) classes beginning May 2011, the third term of the school year. Several of the junior high schools will use the WHH OLPC/ICT learning room. It is vital, because the students must pass ICT exams to qualify for Senior High.

The OLPCs are great for this purpose. Not only do the students learn basic computing "facts", such as keyboards, back spaces, screens, and what a computer actually is, but the machines have about two dozen "activities" loaded on them. The students learn math, writing, measurement, research--and yes internet use--- and so much more while using these machines. These "Activities" are the real strength of these computers---creative uses are endless!

Ghana Together's OLPC efforts fall in the "community program" category. Around the world, OLPCs are purchased by government education departments. We are pleased that we've introduced OLPCs to the Axim community. One school in Axim recently acquired about 30 OLPCs from their own Ghana Education Service, and we were delighted to provide that teacher with various guides, manuals, websites, etc. to help him use them to the maximum benefit.

A very special thank you goes to all the wonderful folks who donated OLPCs. You've made the day for a lot of youngsters!