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Jan 24, 2012

Visit to Ashesi University College

James and I drove the long, rough road from Legon University area to Berekuso, home of the new, beautiful Ashesi University College campus. James and I met with Matthew Taggart, Associate Director of Development, and Maria Bankas, Admissions Officer, to discuss possible opportunities for Ashesi to connect with the Axim-Nzemaland area.

Ashesi was founded in 2002 by Patrick Awuah, a Ghanaian retired Microsoft Program Manager Patrick Awuah, founded this new liberal arts college in 2002. Ashesi’s mission is to train a new generation of ethical and entrepreneurial leaders in Africa.
Ashesi is interested in reaching out to Nzemaland/Western Region. We arranged for Maria to visit the high schools in the area in March, as a guest of Western Heritage Home.WHH will work with Mrs. Bonku, headmistress of Axim All-Girls SHS and other headmasters in the area to facilitate the relationship.

We were especially interested in Ashesi’s “College for Ama,” a short-term summer program that brings impoverished adolescent girls to Ashesi camps for one week. Ashesi bases its admissions entirely on academic excellence. Students pay tuition on need-based system, depending on family circumstances. Some pay the full amount of about $3000/semester; one student currently pays about $100 for the entire year.
As a fellow librarian, I had a good conversion with Nina Chachu, the head librarian. She runs an amazingly nice little library. They provide access heavily subsidized access, thanks to a Ghana academic consortium, to the online journal and research databases familiar to academic librarians worldwide, such as EBSCO, etc.

We had a wonderful visit. I am so happy that James was able to be there, and meet with them, tour the beautiful campus designed by a Ghanaian architect using local native stone (extremely beautiful I thought), hear about their mission, etc. Unfortunately, Mrs. Bonku, headmistress of Axim All-Girls High School was ill and unable to join us. But, James tentatively arranged with Matthew another visit for the two of them. A wonderful day. Thank you Tom and Louise for facilitating this event.