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Nov 24, 2012

Calculators for Axim All-Girls High School

Teachers at Axim Girls High School with new calculators

As we reported in earlier posts, thanks to the efforts of Chief Awulae and many other local leaders, a new girls’ high school was established in Axim in 2009. As of this school year starting Sept 2012, it has been absorbed into the Ghana Education Service. That means the school is open to girls from all over Ghana and graduates will receive full accreditation.
More importantly, it means that many local Axim girls who had passed the stiff admittance tests for high school, up to now simply could not afford not only the tuition, but also the room and board to be able to attend high school in other communities.
We of Ghana Together wanted to help at least in a small way. Mrs. Bonku, the headmistress (and our hero), says she wants the school to have calculators. We looked in Ghana, but found they are exorbitantly expensive and not reasonably available there.  So we searched our own desk drawers and the back-to-school sales and managed to find 52 solar-powered, non-graphing, math/science calculators.

Dorothy, the top student in her 3rd year class, shows off one of the school's new calculators