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Feb 9, 2012

Ashesi University Visits Axim!

How many high-schoolers can fit into one assembly hall!! At least 1,500 in this photo. Maria Bankas, Admissions Officer from Ashesi University (the one waving her arms!!) visited Axim today. All the students from both Nsein High School (nearby town) and the one high school in Axim, the Girls High School heard Maria give a rousing presentation on why they should aim for a tertiary education. She and her partner Admissions Officer Fred (not shown) brought sophisticated equipment that wowed the students: a video with a screen and powerpoint slides!

The teachers told me this is the first visit by a university to this part of Ghana. In my earlier post, I described the visit James Kainyiah and I made to Ashesi. We are so pleased that they accepted our invitation to visit this area and connect with these students! Ashesi is very competitive, but maybe a few students will qualify.