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Feb 6, 2012

Three More WHH Scholars...

Still no photos possible---weak internet tonight, but...I want to finish this off. I'm experimenting with a satellite modem tonight and it seems to be bit better.

I finally connected with Ernestina who is her usual serious, intelligent self. She seemed somehow older, more relaxed, more confident, less "worried" about grades, etc. I didn't get much time, because she wanted to walk home with her friends---a good idea. I was pleased she had a group of friends to walk home with and was "too busy" to spend much time with me. All good.

I told the other children to find McC. He found me today, bless him. Those who know the children know this boy. Unfortunately, he is the one child who is not in school and for whom things aren't going too well at home. We are having a WHH Board meeting Wednesday, and that will be one item on my agenda. He told me a lot, but I'll preserve his privacy, here. He seemed really glad to see me, and was very forthright about his situation. One of things we'll work together to try to fix. He was with two older friends who said help him get "chop" (food). He said he just turned 15.

Meanwhile, Godwin is with James' family---along with James three other younger children. He is in school and told me he likes living in Uncle James' house and his new "brother" James Jr., two little sisters, and a best friend at school named Emmanuel. I gave him his OLPC to keep. I had taken it back to the US to rebuild and replace some parts. He was very very happy to have it. Remember the children called him the "Little Professor" because he did so well in school.

I'll get up to Akynimin (sp?) to see Gloria and Ben later this week, but Bentil says they are OK, thanks to a neighbor who helps out grandma with cooking. And Ben is old enough to be a big help.

Many Ghanaian children live in multiple homes before they're on their own. In fact, I asked at a WHH Board meeting how many of them had lived in multiple homes, hostels, etc. in their youth, and every one of them raised his/her hand!

Now I just learned (haven't verified)  a new organization is working with the Ghana Social Welfare Dept to identify and get background on every child living in children's homes/orphanages in Ghana over a 3-year period. Ghana is trying to phase out, except for the most desperate---those with AIDS, severe development problems, etc. Not easy for anyone.

That's it for now. I'll bring some photos back. Maryanne from Axim, Ghana