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Feb 5, 2012

WHH Scholars---Brief Update

I know some of you are wondering: what about the children who were sheltered in the WHH Children's Home, either long-term or on a short-term basis. I met all of those who attend Manye Academy except Gifty, who was studying at a special class for her JHS exams.

In general, I spent about 45 minutes with them after school and walked to towards town with those who live in that direction. I would say they seem just fine. They saw me waiting for them in the Manye school yard, and ran to greet me and many hugs. Overall, they looked and seemed just great! Healthy, robust, and just so full of life and enthusiasm. I asked each, semi-privately, how things were going "at home with their families." Without exception they had positive comments---I'm not sure what I expected, but having spent so much time with most of them over 4-5 years time, I think I could have picked up negative signals.

They all have opted to stay at Manye, in spite of the fact that some, like Isaac, walks probably at least 45 minutes both ways and has a school nearer him he could attend. But he said he still wants to be an engineer, and they have "good maths" at Manye. Olivia is her bubbly self, says school is hard. She just kind of bounced up to me, doing a little dance on the way, esp. when I clapped for her! Philo still has her eye on flight attendant, but is also learning Home Ec, to help her "grandmother" more. Peter worked for me all day yesterday, testing chargers, OLPCs, etc. He is loving living with the Bentils---what a wonderful gift to him from that family. George and Johnson are both still their quiet intelligent selves.

Who else? Charlotte may or may not have a boyfriend---lots of giggling and teasing when a certain someone walked by.

I asked more or less semi-privately how things were going "at home with the family." All were positive---I didn't expect a lot of information and I didn't feel it right to pry but I didn't catch negative reaction. They told me they miss the tables at the Home for their homework, and they miss their OLPCs. But it was obvious they are still very close, arms around each other, etc. etc.

I just feel relieved and happy about this. I do believe the WHH Board (and we by extension by giving them our full confidence) made the right decisious and handled things very very well. They are moving forward and they are paving the way.

The internet is not "photo-capable" tonight, so next time...