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Aug 25, 2008

Western Heritage Home Scholars Honored by Manye Academy

Western Heritage Home is proud of all of their WHH Scholars who have overcome many hurdles to do their best in school. Some Scholars were especially honored by their school for their achievements. Thanks to their many friends in North America, we through Ghana Together have completely enjoyed supporting these promising students whose families need our help to care for them in the WHH Children's Home and support their education. WHH's motto is "Making Leaders of the Least". These youngsters are carrying out that dream!

Charlotte Armah, above, has been chosen as a sectional leader for next year.

Gifty Essien will be her compound's prefect.

Ernestina Ackah of Stage 2 was the 1st pupil in her class.

Peter Assuah also of Stage 2 was the 2nd student in his class.

Stephen Ackah was the best runner and best football (soccer) player.

Induction, Speech, and Prize Giving Day at Manye Academy

Anastasia Amoo, Western Heritage Home staff member, wrote the following article about end of the school year activities at Manye Academy [primary and junior high school]. All of the Western Heritage Home Scholars attend Manye, a regular school about a ten minute walk from the Home. We thought their American friends might enjoy reading her account:

On the 29th of July, 2008, Manye Academy primary school held induction and speech and prize giving day. The programme started with a processional hymm by the primary school students followed by an opening prayer by Rev. Elijah Donkor of Methodist church Axim. Nancy Otchere, pupil of Manye Academy said the school oaths. Mr. Joseph Johnston headmaster of Manye Academy primary gave the welcome address followed by a dance performance by the school choreography group.

Introduction of Dignitaries was also done by Miss Anastasia Aba Amoo of Western Heritage Home. They were: Honourable Henry Yankah, Presiding Member of Nzema East Municipal Assembly who was the Chairman for the programme in replacement of the Municipal Chief Executive, Honourable Joshua Kwadjah Ellimah [District Chief Executive], Rev. Elijah Donkor of Methodist Church Axim, Mr. Abugri from Esiama Nursing Training, Mr. Akomiah Assistant Headmaster of Nsein Secondary, Mr. Jacob Ola Adebayo Efunwule a Businessman, Mrs. Arthur Headmistress of Manye Academy Nursery and Kindergarten, Pastor Ofusu Mireku of Nsein Pentecost and Honourable Patrick Kwofie of Western Heritage Home.

Honourable Henry Yankah gave the keynote address: He first thanked Professor Nokoe for the establishment of Manye Academy and also the Senior High School (SHS) which will commence in September this year. He advised parents not to spend much on themselves but invest in their children’s education, he went further to advise parents not to sell their lands for rubber plantation. He said, planting rubber on non-fertile land will let the land gain its fertility again in some years to come. People in Western Region he said are selling their fertile land for rubber tree planting. He said, the fertile land cannot be used to plant food crops which may result in hunger in the country in the future. He asked farmers to use their land to grow more food. He advised that infertile land could be used to plant rubber to save the country from hunger.

He pleaded with parents to pay their wards school fees on time to avoid their wards being sacked. He concluded his speech by motivating the students to do their best by learning hard and avoid troubles.

Out-going prefect handed over their post to the in-coming prefects. Rev. Elijah Donkor performed the swearing in ceremony of the in-coming prefects. Two (2) of Western Heritage Home children were among them, they are Charlotte Armah as a sectional leader and Gifty Essien as a compound prefect. A song was done by Nancy Otchere to motivate the incoming prefects. Speeches were read by the out-going and in-coming prefects. Another dance was performed by the school choreography group followed by the giving of prizes.

Three (3) children from Western Heritage Home had the best prizes. Ernestina Ackah of stage two (2) for being the 1st pupil in her class, Peter Assuah also of stage two (2) was the 2nd pupil in his class. In sports, the 1st prize went to Stephen Ackah as the best runner and best football player. He was given a certificate.

The Chairman in his closing remarks congratulated everyone for making the occasion successful. Winnifred Abugri of stage six (6) gave the vote of thanks and the closing prayer said by Mr. Kpoli Mensah. The programme came to an end at 4:40pm followed by some group pictures and refreshments.