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Aug 14, 2011

Junior High Science Room Coming Soon!

It started with a suggestion from Sarfo Hayford, Science Curriculum manager for the Ghana Education Service, Axim-Nzema East District. "Why not build one really good science room for hands-on science education for junior high students from several schools?" He explained that there was no way that individual schools would be able to afford even modest science rooms now or in the foreseeable future. Well, why not, we thought?? Good idea!!

That was January 2010. We all went to work. In Axim, the Western Heritage Home Board offered a large room in their centrally-located facility. They painted the room, and arranged for carpenters to build tables and shelving.

The Axim District Assembly agreed to help with utility costs. American friends were their typically generous "donor" selves, bless them.

Jerome Chandler, Ghana Together's Science Project Manager, with his sidekick Rich Ward, acquired or built an unbelievable amount of materials, wrote experiments, and prepared teacher instructions. The Ghana Education Service found Eric, a local enthusiastic teacher, who will be the full-time Science Room Supervisor. And they are arranging the "timetable" for the classes.

Ghana Together has shipped 18 boxes of materials not easily procurable in Ghana, with 200 lbs more in suitcases, and with Sarfo purchasing some items there. All efforts are aimed at providing a practicum experience, based on the GES JHS Science curriculum, to enhance and complete the classroom theoretical training provided in their regular classrooms.

In September, Jerome will travel to Axim to work with Eric to set up the room, train the teachers, and meet some of the students. The science room will open September, 2011, in the Western Heritage Home facility for students from Axim's five government-funded junior high schools and their teachers.

We can't wait to see the photos! YES!!!

 Stay tuned....