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Ghana Together works with our Ghanaian friends of Western Heritage Home, a Ghanaian-registered and managed non-profit, to improve social, educational, and health conditions in Axim, Ghana. Together we accomplish projects, connect WHH to resourceful individuals and organizations, and create sustainable programs. We make a real difference to real people in a local, grassroots effort. Our website at tells our story.

Oct 14, 2022

What a journey it has been! Asking for help one more time...

 October 2022

Dear friends,

Yes! This is the time of year when we look back and share with gratitude for all that has been accomplished, thanks to so many of you, our supporters, and our Western Heritage Home partners. This year is no exception!

 But, first, there’s this. The years have passed. Age has taken its toll. And Ghana has changed a lot in the 16 years we’ve worked there, including now having tuition-free K-12 education! We want you all to know we have decided to phase out Ghana Together as a 501c3 non-profit as of Dec 31, 2022. But, that said, we really need to ask for one more round of donations to fund this last 2022-2023 academic year for our WHH Scholars.

Now...good news! The new Axim Public Library is basically finished architecturally. Western Heritage Home is working with an oil company and local entities to fund the furnishings---shelving, tables, chairs, computer room setup, signage, etc. Some will be moved from the small existing library, but this new building provides so much more space for library, computing, and a fully-furnished community room for group gatherings. The “handing over” ceremony is planned for early December, when the new Axim Public Library will be officially owned and operated by the Ghana National Library Authority. How can we thank everyone?! What an achievement---with donations of some 16,000 children’s books, 60+ up-to-date computers, mobile bookmobile, existing furnishings plus the very substantial donations to fund this outstanding new building! Thank you all!!!

AND, on top of that, most of the students we’ve been supporting for so many years have finished with schooling and are working at various jobs and getting on with their young adult lives. We are so proud of all of them! 

But, we do still have seven WHH Scholars still working on their education:

--Emmanuella will finish her Bachelor of Special Education at Winneba University in Oct 2023. She herself struggles with extreme vision loss, and is training to become a special education teacher for students with vision challenges. We’re inspired by her tenacity, savvy use of special computer technologies, and purposefulness.

--Gifty will finish her Bachelor of Education in Social Studies at Winneba University Oct 2023.

--Ernestina will finish her degree in computer science at Takoradi Technical University in Sept 2023, specializing in computer applications in the tourism/travel business.

--Lamine winds up his training in Welding/Fabrication Engineering at Takoradi Technical University in Dec 2022. He completed an internship at Ghana Port and Harbor Authority and is now back in his final classes.

--George will finish his training in Welding/Fabrication Engineering at Takoradi Technical U in Oct 2023.

--Ben is finishing up at Manye Academy JHS in Dec 2022 and will take his qualifying exams for the Community Development/Vocational/Technical School in Axim.  Ben’s “little sister, Gladys, is in JHS at Manye Academy. They are our youngest “true” orphans, as Ghanaian government categorizes them. They were dropped off at the Western Heritage Home by their Grandmother as very young children because she was just too elderly to be able to feed them, get to school, etc.

--And we have 8 primary students we are supporting until they finish 6th grade in very rural schools. They live too far from tuition-free government schools to walk the distance while in primary school.

Remember, we started in 2006, when Nathan Ward came back from a business trip to Ghana and challenged us to “help James”? Barbara Gilday (who served in the Canadian version of the Peace Corp in Ghana years ago) and Maryanne Ward met with Susan Partnow, head of Global Citizen Journey, to plan a trip to Ghana. We helped Western Heritage Home, a registered Ghanaian NGO that James Kainyiah started to help children whose families had been so ravaged by HIV-AIDs, build a children’s home (thank you Boeing & Global Citizens folks for that first project!). We had such a good time that some of us decided to form another non-profit called Ghana Together (thank you Celia Chandler, for the name!), and continued to “help James”!

And in the 16 years since, thanks to all our American financial “investors” and the incredible efforts of James Kainyiah, Evans Arloo, Mercy Ackah, and others in Ghana, we have accomplished so much. For a year-by-year history of our mutual efforts, click on the “Milestones” or “News” pages at

We have discussed our phase-out plans thoroughly with our Ghanaian associates. They say they have learned immeasurably from us (and we might add, we from them!). James himself is at the stage of life where he has the time to put even more into Western Heritage Home. He’s definitely going to continue, and has shared with us that he wants to incorporate some of our very American ideas about local support via non-profit, charitable organizations. Of course, any funds we raise over what is needed to finish the projects Ghana Together has supported we will leave with WHH to help them make the transition as a more local, Ghanaian-supported organization. We have such a long relationship, and have built so much trust in our Ghanaian partners.

But yes, we ask for your financial help just once more---we are determined to make sure our WHH scholars are able to finish their degrees. Luckily, the college costs there are nothing like ours here in the US! And the exchange rate is very much in our favor right now. But to wrap it up right, we estimate we need to raise around $25,000 for the tuition, room, board, supplies, final exam fees, and some “transition support” as they begin their post-graduate lives.

We assure you that 100% of your donations go to support our projects. We are at this time, until Jan 1, 2023, a qualified US non-profit 501c3, registered in the State of Washington. Our Federal ID is EIN 26-2182965.  Donations are tax-deductible, per IRS rules. If you need more info or have ideas to share, please contact us!

You can contribute with a check payable to Ghana Together via US mail, sent to our address at 808 Addison Place, Mount Vernon, WA 98273. Or you may be able to use the PayPal link on our website: If you are in Ghana, you can deposit funds into the Western Heritage Home account at Ghana Commercial Bank.

Our Scholars have been through a lot, but they have persevered, and we feel strongly that they deserve our support.

We are grateful! Thank you so much!

Ghana Together Directors: Maryanne Ward, Rich Ward, Louise Wilkinson, Diana Franco Ward, Nathan Ward, and our Western Heritage Home associates, especially James Kainyiah (Chair of WHH), Evans Arloo (WHH Operations Mgr), and Mercy Ackah (Ghana Library Authority Regional Director)

PS:And how much we miss Jerome Chandler who died just this past July. He served on our Board since inception and did so much for science education in the Axim District Junior Highs and Axim Girls Senior High. And we gratefully remember our other founders who have passed away: Leif Pederson, Suz Hirst, Tom Castor.

                                                    What a journey it has been!! 

Western Heritage Home “Scholars” in 2008. Most are now young adults and finding their way. But many still identify as “WHH Scholars” and stay in touch with each other via a “Whatsapp Group”.     


Siblings Ben in 2007 and Gladys in 2010 and together in October 2022!


New Axim Library/Community Center. And back of building. They like their color! Fun!

Ghana Library Authority—are you ready for the handover?! She definitely is!

Thank you all! We’re in this TOGETHER!!!

Donations can be mailed to this address: 808 Addison Place, Mount Vernon, WA 98273

Or make donation via Paypal on the Donations page of website:

May 27, 2022

Nothing is going to stop them!

 We just wired $5000 to Western Heritage Home! For what, you may be asking? :)

Well, we happen to have a few scholars who are simply undeterred by things like pandemics, online only classes, faculty strikes, and who knows what else? BUT as of now, they are back in class!

So, Emmanuella is in Year 3, Semester 2 at Winneba University, majoring in Special Education for the Blind, especially. Since she has limited sight herself and uses a special computer with a very BIG screen plus Braille, she knows the territory!

Gifty is in Year 3, Semester 2 at Winneba University, majoring in Social Studies Education, with a lot of emphasis on the VERY long and complex history and culture of Ghana and West Africa in general. She has the personality of a natural teacher!

Ernestina is in Year 3, Semester 2 at Takoradi Technical University, majoring in Information Technology---she wants to be a computer whiz, and has tourism applications, especially, in mind. And she'll do it!

Lamine and George are both in Year 2, Semester 2 at Takoradi Technical University majoring in all things welding, fabrication, and construction in general. They can build or fix anything!

Ben and Gladys are in JHS at Manye Academy---thank you, Manye for all these years of supporting our WHH Scholars! These two orphaned kids are our youngest and are fortunate that a local "Auntie" has taken them into her home.

And then there are the two students in Grade 6 at the very remote Apewosika Academy and six  more at the Maako Future Leadership Primary School. Both schools are in neighborhoods way beyond reasonable walking distance for primary kids to a public school, so we've helped there. But next year they'll be able to walk to a public junior high school.

Yes, this is Ghana Together's final year, but we're not done yet!! We will see that these youngest WHH students will finish their education we've been helping them with for so many years! We will leave enough to our wonderful partners of Western Heritage Home to make sure these students are able to complete their courses, as long as they themselves dedicate themselves fully to that end. (Kids, This is "Mom" speaking---don't mess up!!)

AND, the new  Axim Public Library is basically finished structurally. They are working on the interior---painting, finishing the flooring, etc. and then MOVING IN! And our favorite Librarian, Mercy Ackah, will be finishing her Masters in Library Science this September, and will be certified to oversee the Ghana National Library Authority's and Axim Municipal Assembly's management of the new facility. 

So, that's where we are right now! And yes, we could stand some help. It's interesting to us, as Americans, that one semester at University there costs about $550 US. Compare that to our own costs here! The exchange rate is very favorable to us, right now, so that makes it easier to make sure these scholars are able to continue their coursework.  

Thanks for past help and thanks for reading!

                        To help:

808 Addison Place, Mount Vernon, WA 98273

Apr 6, 2022

Something to cheer us up

Yesterday, we had great news! Frederick Johnson has been a "WHH Scholar" since he was a very young boy, thanks to his classification by the Ghana government as an "ORV"---an orphaned or vulnerable child. He grew up in the Western Heritage Children's Home, thanks to an incredible effort by the Axim, Ghana leaders, especially James Kainyiah, and because of the generous support of all you, our dear readers!

Along with all the WHH Scholars, he attended the nearby Primary/JHS Manye Academy and from a very early age, showed a fascination with electricity. And since back in the early 2000's, Ghana was just really getting into electricity, he became a sort of "assistant" to the electrician who was working at his school. 

And so, that leads us to yesterday! After a long journey, he has achieved a goal he's harbored for many years. He has arrived! Yesterday he was granted a certificate as a Licensed Electrical Wiring Professional! We are proud and we are grateful. 

Frederick in 2008, proudly showing he can spell his name!

Frederick yesterday, showing his professional certificate!

808 Addison Place, Mount Vernon, WA 98273

Nov 14, 2021

Looking Back, Looking Forward...

 Dear friends of Ghana Together,

This is the time of year when we look back at what we've accomplished with our Western Heritage Home partners in Ghana. What can we say, but thank you, thank you---to you, our generous friends, and to our wonderful friends in Axim who have worked so hard to keep everything going during this entire year! 

AND, it's when we look forward to goals for next year and the resources it will take to accomplish them.

And, yes, with Covid-19, there have been challenges, but we can honestly say that 2021 has been a very good year! We have prepared our Annual Update Letter to fill you in. Please click on the link below:

Ghana Together Annual Update Letter

And yes, we do ask for your support going into 2022. We have decided to make 2022 our "phase out" year, as our letter explains in detail. However, we have a number of students who still need our support. And we are going to finish the new purpose-built Axim Public Library for sure!  

Take care of yourselves and each other, all of you!

808 Addison Place, Mount Vernon, WA 98273

Jun 14, 2021

Update on Axim Public Library Project

 As we reported in our March 2021 News Update ( , we are supporting Axim and the Ghana National Library Authority’s efforts to at last create a purpose-built library in Axim. 

Yes, we were a little skeptical back in 2019, when the leadership of Western Heritage Home, our partner in Ghana, made the formal request for help. After all, our philosophy is basically to hear them out on their ideas for potential projects, ask tons of questions, and if it seems to make sense, either because of lack of financial resources or expertise, offer help, but plan carefully!

Well, part of that process was James Kainyiah, Chairman of Western Heritage Home, and Ghana Together President Maryanne Ward having a 3-hour meeting in Accra in late 2018 with Hayford Siaw, Head of the Ghana National Library Authority (a department of their Ghana Education Service), and Mercy Ackah, Western Region Libraries Deputy Director. We were convinced by that meeting that public libraries, along with tuition-free public education through senior high school, were tops on Ghana’s agenda to support literacy country-wide, and that the Axim Library would get support going forward.

Maryanne had traveled to Ghana 14 times, and had experienced first-hand the low literacy among adult Ghanaians, especially women,  On that 2018 trip, she visited 17 schools receiving books from the Axim Public Library’s mobile library service in lieu of libraries in their schools---a service made possible by Ghana Together’s many generous investors! She met with teachers, heard the children read aloud in unison (each from their own separate book) to show off their skills (!), and saw how the schools valued the service.

BUT, all this was being managed from a very confined space on the top floor of a community building built by the Peace Corps in its earliest years---and with a lousy staircase to boot---try carrying large boxes of books up and down…you get the picture!  To develop true public library services, a purpose-built facility was badly needed.

So, Chairman James, ever-resourceful, developed an architectural plan and started working with community leaders. The Methodist Church---long a strong source of educational efforts in the community---donated land right in the downtown area, within easy walking distance of five schools and much of the residential area. The Upper Axim Chief poured a libation to bless the project, and honor the ancestors who had used that land for centuries. The “CodeLibrary” group of supportive elders was founded to foster community support.

We of Ghana Together started to work on funding for this new project (in addition to continuing the scholarships/school-cost projects already in the works). If not for Covid, we’d have visited at least once in late 2020 to review progress. Thanks to the internet, we communicate on almost a daily basis with leadership in Axim on the project. And as of June 2021, we are now about two-thirds done with the project, slowed but continuing in spite of Covid-19.

And then, on June 3, 2021, out of the blue (!), came the announcement that the Ghana Library Authority, the institution mandated by law to establish, equip, maintain and manage public libraries in Ghana, has emerged as the winner of the "International Library of the Year" by the London Book Fair (LBF) International Excellence Awards 2021! WOW!!! This award is a big deal, and served to verify our modest efforts to help Ghana in its drive to develop public libraries in every part of the country.

So, thanks for reading this far! You can see how this is coming to fruition. The local community, thanks to the efforts of the CodeLibrary group and local leaders, will take on the responsibility to furnish the new library upon completion of the building. The Axim Municipal Assembly (like our city councils), will own the building going forward, manage it, provide electrical services, etc. The Ghana Library Authority, under the national Department of Education, will continue to fund programs, staff, and resources as they do in all public libraries. Local folks, led by the CodeLibrary elders, will voluntarily move the books, shelving, etc. from the old library to the new one, clean up the site, help to get everything in working order, and provide a supportive community group going forward.

We of Ghana Together, for our part, have committed to finishing the building, hopefully by the end of 2021. If you can help, we’d appreciate it a lot! Anything in excess of what is needed for the library will be put to use on scholarships or other educational efforts. 

We estimate we need about $25,000 US to completely finish it.


The new Library-in-progress, as of about two weeks ago, with WHH Scholars Gladys and Ben plus WHH leader Anastasia who traveled from Takoradi to inspect the new Library. The bottom floor will be a  "community space", where children's programs, women's groups. local civic meeting, etc. can meet. For security they will put the library proper on the 2nd floor, including books, computers, etc. to prevent theft. On the right you can see a ramp being built to help folks who have trouble with stairs get up to the 2nd floor and to facilitate a wheeled cart to get boxes of books to and from the mobile library. The electrical hookup is complete, with fans and lights installed and working. Step-by-step! The work has continued despite Covid but with fewer workers then normal. 

Ghana Together is so appreciative of the care and oversight by local leaders and citizens. We are grateful for the strong trust relationship we've built over about 15 years of working together! And we're grateful for YOU, our "investors", as we like to say---investing in literacy, education especially of girls, building community in this historical city that has endured so much over the centuries! Thank You!!!

Mar 24, 2021



Thanks to the ever-faithful Evans Arloo, Western Heritage Home’s on-the-ground guy in Axim, we have good current info on what’s happening with our students and the library project.

In general, yes, Covid-19 is affecting everything they do although, as we reported in our annual end-of-the-year update letter, they are coping. Some think their ongoing experience with HIV-AIDS, ebola, malaria, and tropical diseases in general has helped them adapt preventively. There have been reports that their experience has been less severe than northern countries, such as Europe, Canada, US, etc., perhaps in part because their climate allows people to spend most of their time outdoors rather than in crowded indoor spaces. We are sure science research on the variations world-wide of the coronavirus experience will continue for a long time!

Ghana was the first nation to receive the World Health Organization’s COVAX vaccines---some 600,000 doses. They are reporting more are on the way, and their goal is to have everyone vaccinated who wants to be by end of October, 2021.

But meanwhile, Western Heritage Home persists and we are grateful.

As of Arloo’s report from March 9, 2021, our university-level WHH scholars are attending classes, divided between online and in-person sessions, thanks to Covid-19. 

We were able to provide good-quality android-type phones for each of them. Some of their work at the university can be done in computer labs, and sometimes they have wifi access with their laptops in their living quarters. But they don’t always have wifi access, or it’s intermittent because of “dumsor”, as they call it---electricity going on and off pretty much randomly which screws up the servers, etc. So, with good-quality phones, they can do their assignments pretty much no matter what! We have to admire their persistence!

--Emmanuella is in her 2nd year in Special Education at Winneba University. Gifty is in her 2nd year of her BA in Social Studies Education, also at Winneba, preparing for a teaching career.

--Ernestina and Peter are in their 2nd year in Computer Technology. George and Larmin are in 2nd year of Welding and Fabrication Engineering. All four at Takoradi University.

--Fredrick has finished his electrical engineering training at CDVTI and doing an apprenticeship at a hotel in Ankobra. He is waiting for his exam results to actually graduate. Godwin is learning plumbing at CDVTI---such a needed skill in Ghana!

--Ben is in JHS 2 at Manye Academy and Gladys is in JHS 1.

--Our graduate nurses---Dorothy, Charlotte, and Philomena---are making the transition to self-sufficiency (we are PROUD!). Dorothy is working for the Ghana Health Service as a “permanent nurse.” Charlotte and Philo are working for an American “NGO” (non-profit), together with the Ghana Health Service, on a program to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS.

--And, finally (!), our twenty-two scholarship students at Apewosika Village School and eight at rural Maako Future Leaders Primary are all attending in-person. Whew!

And, we are so happy to report that work on the NEW LIBRARY is going well!

 Talk about persistence!!! Arloo reports that so far so good. The work in progress at the library project is ongoing.  The project has reached a stage for which the following has been done after the roofing was completed:

--Electrical and Internet networking conduit PVC wall pipes laying complete.

--Inside and outside plastering completed.

The remaining work includes:

--New water service to be constructed by the Ghana Water Company Limited which has been paid for and for the completion by the company;

--Electrical cable laying and ECG power;

--Internet Data cable laying for internet access and E library;

--Ceiling work;

--Floor and Washrooms Tiling;

--Basement block, staircase for disabled persons, wall block work and plastering;

--Library compound work;

--Finally painting and stuffing of furniture, computers and books (I think his use of the word “stuffing” is a little different from ours---probably means “setting up” or something similar! J )

Photos of new Axim Public Library building, as of March 9, 2021

Oh, we give so much thanks to so many, starting with our Ghanaian associates who never seem to lose heart no matter what! And the hearts of our American friends are in the right place, too. Thank you to all who have been supportive in one way or another---from the energy of the WHH Scholars to persist in their studies, the dedication of James Kainyiah and Evans Arloo in their leadership/management roles, the support of the 40 or so "elders" in Axim who belong to the informal "CodeLibrary" whatsapp group and do their best to support efforts, to the Methodist Church which donated land and continues to be supportive, and to so many American friends who have stayed faithful, and to the Ghana Cedi/US dollar exchange rate which has been in our favor! Thank you for large and small things!

Take care of yourselves and each other, all of you!

808 Addison Place, Mount Vernon, WA 98273

Dec 21, 2020

Determination wins out and a new roof is in place!

 Yes, the work goes on, in spite of COVID-19!

 As of today, Dec 21, 2020, the roof on the new purpose-built Axim Public Library is FINISHED!! Wow!! Just in time for the “rainy season”, which in this tropical place, just 4 degrees from the equator, is no small thing! First, in January or so, comes “harmattan”---the sandy dust blowing from the East, over the Sahara Desert and over West Africa. Hot and dry and dusty from until late Nov to mid-March or so in Ghana. Then the wind does a “180”, and in comes the rain from West from the Atlantic Ocean! Yes, it clears the dust, and cools the temperature, but it pretty much soaks everything, too. 

So…good to have the new roof in place so work on the side walls and the interior of the building can commence in the New Year.


We documented the start of the project back on Jan. 17 with this News Update:


Ghana Together News Updates: Libation Is Poured! New Library Is Launched!


Hopes were high! The "elders" formed a group to show their support. The Ghana Library Authority's Regional Director gave the OK to the project. The Methodist Church donated the land. Western Heritage Home was elated to start their number one project for 2020. 

And then…yes we all know what 2020 has been, for us in the United States, for Ghanaians, and for the world! But work had commenced and as the pandemic reached Ghana, they kept going. Work slowed but didn’t stop. They had to use fewer workers who had to distance, and take extra care, but they kept going.


They were determined to get at least the roofing complete before the rain comes, if not the walls. Not finishing would have delayed the project by some months! And they did it!!! Time to take a bit of Christmas/New Year break and they’ll be at it and finish the project---maybe in time for Kundum Festival in September 2021! Just in time for Chief Awulae himself to pour his blessing!!

And, in other news, we are so happy to report that our three nursing graduates---Philo, Charlotte, and Dorothy---all now have jobs as nursing assistants, as of this November. Not an easy time to start their careers, but they are very happy to be employed and are well-trained. We are so proud of these three young women who became Western Heritage Scholars because they were designated by Ghana’s government as OVC’s---orphaned or vulnerable children---14 years ago and now are adults starting their careers! 

Not much news on our Western Heritage Home students. Most are not in class, and most schools are closed. Our university level students did do online classes first term---not sure what the plans are going to be for 2021---they typically take a break this time of year. We will continue our support as needed going forward.


And how can we thank all our “investors”---especially Americans who have donated funds for so many projects and now for this new library? It will finally be a home for the almost 16,000 books you gave us, computers, a hub for the mobile tricycle to get those books to those kids in schools all over Nzema, a meeting space for all those Axim folks who support their community as best they can…and a place to hang the beautiful artistic West African quilts made by our own absolutely amazing Jerome Chandler to honor their rich tradition of beautiful textiles!


Not an easy Holiday Season, here or there. But our hearts are thankful and the work goes on. We are together in this work and also reminded how this is one world and we’re all here together. 

Take care of yourselves and each other, all of you!

808 Addison Place, Mount Vernon, WA 98273


Jun 20, 2020

Ghana Together News Update

We haven’t posted News Updates for quite a while…because frankly, things in Ghana, as here in the US, are changing very rapidly due to the Covid-19 virus.

We were kind of surprised and yes, a bit proud, to see members of our own US Congress wearing kente cloth stoles in the past week...truly Ghanaian artistic cultural expression. 

Yes, Ghana is struggling with Covid-19. They experienced it somewhat later than we did here in the US, and closed down schools, group gatherings, etc. very quickly, which has helped to contain the spread. They have instituted social/physical distancing, masks, hand-washing, cleaning in the markets, and general precautions against crowds, etc. Folks there have had experience with pandemics, due to HIV-AIDS and Ebola. But it’s very difficult in their environment with open markets, close living quarters, inadequate sanitation, etc.

In Axim they have in the past few weeks installed many “Veronica buckets” ( These hand-washing stations were invented some years ago by Ghanaian biological scientist Veronica Bekoe during the HIV-AIDs epidemic. She spent her career working for the Ghana Health Service and has been honored for this contribution to public health. Veronica buckets are widely used worldwide where “running water” is not readily available. About ten years ago, Jeanie Birchall, a nurse from Bellingham, WA, facilitated a connection with generous employees from the Whatcom County Health Department in Bellingham, WA. They enabled Ghana Together to help  Axim leaders install 64 of these hand-washing stations in Axim schools. So, in this pandemic, Axim folks are familiar with this resource.

An Veronica bucket in use---photo taken in 2010
Meanwhile, schools are closed. Our university scholars are trying to study online, but it’s tough with not very good internet and with neither faculty nor students having had prior experience at this. The other scholars we support are not in school. In a country that has so recently made such outstanding progress in providing tuition-free education to every child, even through senior high school, this is very tough.

MEANWHILE, in the midst of all this, work on the new Axim Library building, which was launched in January 2020, continues! Construction work is allowed with certain precautions. They sent a few wonderful new pictures late this week. They are making good progress, understandably slowed by the virus, with fewer working simultaneously, etc.

The "uprights" are installed and they've been working on the upper level.

Work commences on the top of the future building. It's good also to keep these workers on the job!

We are really proud of Frederick J, in blue shirt.. He's one of our WHH Scholars who is getting his technical education in electrical work. And he's contributing his knowledge to the new library project!

And this is the "dream" we and our Ghanaian Western Home and Ghana Library Authority colleagues keep in our minds and hearts! One day...before too long...
The project is managed by the Axim "team"---James Kainyiah, Overall Manager; Evans Arloo, Site Manager; Mr. Cobbinah, Community Leader; Madame Mercy Ackah, Regional Librarian; and the community support of the “CodeLibrary” group. They are a group of “elders” who have supported and encouraged this project from the start and made their enthusiasm well-known! We love this! In Ghana, “elders” have a certain authority and respect in the community! If you have elders on your side, your chances of success are very high. Thank you!! 

We are so grateful and inspired by these local Ghanaian leaders. And by YOU, our faithful “investors”, who we thank from the bottom of our hearts! With your help, we will see this project to fruition. You do so much good! And yes, we could use a bit more help…We're starting to look at the interior furnishings, including shelving, staff workspaces, community room seating, mosquito screening, internet access, etc.

Until next time...please take care, all of you...wherever you may be at this moment...


808 Addison Place, Mount Vernon, WA 98273