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Mar 18, 2013

Parent-Teacher Association at Apewosika School in Axim, Ghana

So many parents, so many children! Such enthusiasm!
Madame Ackah Welcomes the PTA
When Maryanne Ward, of Ghana Together, visited Axim in Jan-Feb 2013, she was thrilled to be invited to a PTA meeting at Apewosika “Christ the King” School in Axim, Ghana where, with our affiliate Western Heritage Home, we sponsor 43 scholarship students (see our news update of Nov 12, 2012).
James Kainyiah, Chair of Western Heritage Home, Maryanne Ward of Ghana Together, and David Ackah, Headmaster of Apewosika School meet in the school yard.
What a pleasure to meet so many parents! Many announced they were representing not only their own children, but the children of other families whose parents were working. All in all, it was an impressive and enthusiastic showing!

The meeting was held on a Tuesday morning, a good choice by Headmaster David Ackah, since it allowed lots of Dads to attend (as well as Moms, of course), being that Tuesday is the day that the Axim fishermen bring in their canoes from the ocean and spend a day at home.

It was just great to see Dads exhibit such enthusiasm for education. Until recently, most folks in this community didn’t feel much need for education, because they assumed their kids (at least the boys) would go into fishing. But the fish are dwindling and reality is that many of the children will not be able to “grow up to be fisher folks” (and even if they do, a little education won’t hurt!!).

The Apewosika Scholarship Students and their Parents
Lasting about two hours, the meeting was lively, with lots of exchanges among the parents, the PTA President, and Headmaster David---all in Nzema or Fante languages, with a smattering of English (school instruction is in English, except for youngest students).

None of the 43 scholarship students was enrolled in the school year prior to Sept 2012 (Ghana school year runs Sep - Aug). Some had never started school; others had dropped out as parents made the financial decision to enroll younger siblings after their older children had learned “the basics” of reading and math.

Children were chosen for scholarships after families were interviewed by school and WHH representatives.
At first, in September, attendance was somewhat irregular, as both parents and children adjusted to the discipline of going to school, rather than spending their days playing on the Atlantic Ocean beach! But, when January 2013 term started, all but three were back!  Headmaster David and a representative of our affiliate, Western Heritage Home, visited those homes, and soon thereafter, all 43 were fully present!
Apewosika School Stresses Handwashing. It's  very simple--just a headpan with water--but it's a BIG step forward and is instilling the habit in the lives of the children.

The tuition for these primary school students ranges from about $60 USD for the youngest students to about $90 for the “Primary 6” level--per year! Ghana Together invests an average of about $75 per student for an entire year of school (thank you, dear friends!!).

The parents commit to providing a uniform (often a ‘hand me down’ from an older friend or sibling), shoes or sandals, underwear, exercise book, pencil, and near-perfect attendance. Our goal is to get every child through Primary 6. Headmaster David has launched a basic textbook program---trying to get enough basic math and reading texts for the upper levels. We have contributed a small amount to that effort, as well.
A typical cluster of homes in the Apewosika neighborhood

Ghana Together has noticed the growing popularity and influence of the individual schools’ Parent-Teacher Associations in Axim. Meetings are well-attended. Parents help out with the school. Dads, especially, volunteer to help maintain the school buildings. This is just one more indication that Ghanaians are putting top priority on education.

Education is our NGO affiliate Western Heritage Home’s top priority, too, and we are delighted to help them achieve their mission! And we were gratified by the many “thank you’s” from the Dads and Moms, teachers, and administrators at Apewosika Village School.
Kindergarten Classroom at Apewosika School
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