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Apr 16, 2010

WHH Academy Opens New Internet Cafe - Sometimes MIRACLES Happen!

Ariana Amarh Trying It Out!

Back in 2009, the Zain Communication Network advertised their "Zain Touching Lives" contest. Aspirants were invited to submit their "dream" with hopes of becoming the lucky winner. Ariana Amarh, WHH Business Manager, had a dream---yes she did! She submitted her “dream” essay on behalf of Western Heritage Home to Zain. And -- miracles of miracles -- she won the contest! And so, in late March, Zain representatives delivered the Touching Life program’s winning package to the WHH.

WHH received 10 computers and monitors, plus software and other peripherals necessary to provide broadband internet access. In addition, the Zain package included a bread baking oven, baking sheets, cake sheets, and necessary gas cylinders, plus flour and other ingredients.

Delivery day was a celebration! In the words of Barbara Davis, WHH Secretary: "We invited the prominent people in Axim, Nananom/Awulaemo (chief and elders from the two Traditional Areas) Students from Senior High Schools in Axim and Community Development Training Institute, Assembly Members from all the electoral areas, Media men/News men, Municipal Chief Executive, Information Service Department and the Board of Directors of W.H.H to grace the function of Zain donating package to the home.”

“Sky power FM Radio from Takoradi and Ankobra FM were present. They interviewed Mr. Isaac Bentil, Mr. James Kainyiah, and Winifred, a staffer from Zain who is in charge of package delivery. They were so happy to see the children in a very nice condition and healthy atmosphere. We also made mention of the internet cafe that we will start to operate very soon and the remedial class which was in progress.”

So, wonder of wonders! The Western Heritage Home Academy now has a modern high-speed internet café---Axim’s first! A bonus is that internet is also now available to the One Laptop Per Child computers used by the WHH children living in the Children's Home.

The Internet Cafe opened to the public on April 1. WHH will use the Zain oven to start a bread-baking business in their large storage building. They plan to sell bread on Sundays. The Café, Bakery, and Secondary Remedial Program provide needed services to the Axim community and revenue from them will be used by WHH Board to help support WHH’s children’s programs.

Ghana Together congratulates Ariana for her success! Maxwell Quarm, WHH computer instructor/technician, is working with Leif Pederson, Ghana Together Board member, to install Internet Café management software, and ensure correct setup of all the computers. Ariana herself, and Mr. Isaac Bentil, Managing Director, are making sure the business side of the program is running smoothly and securely.