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Oct 26, 2012

Congratulations to James Kainyiah!

James at the graduation ceremony of the Dispute Resolution Program, October, 2012

James emailed us saying he has completed all the required training and is one of five (out of forty-five in his class) who passed all requirements and tests to achieve the award of “Master of Appropriate Dispute Resolution.”

This advanced professional certification is specifically designed to help leaders like James develop mediation skills. As a “Master”, James will play a crucial role as mediator in the inevitable conflicts that will arise as Ghana modernizes its economy---especially among traditional groups, in areas of new economic development, and in intra-West African affairs.
It's for real!!
James is a traditional leader in his appointed position as Economic Development Chief of Lower Axim Traditional Council and also a modern businessman, as Owner and Managing Director of Jamkay Ltd.

He had been playing a mediating role for some years prior to this training and realized that to be more effective he had to acquire more skills. For example, he recently used his negotiation skills when a gold mining company completely relocated and rebuilt ancient, traditional Salman Village, in Ghana’s gold-producing Nzema area.

James began training in conflict resolution in early 2011, attending 25 all-day Saturday classes that met at the central offices of the Organization of African Trade Union Unity in Ghana’s capital city, Accra---no small feat, since Accra is at least a four-hour drive from his home in Sekondi.

The training is provided by Gamey & Gamey Inc, a company based in Canada that works in Africa. G&G uses the PULSE Institute’s methodology to develop practical tools for leadership and conflict management. Participants are trained in brainstorming, simulation exercises, role-plays, and case studies to build core competencies to fully appreciate, understand, and develop effective leadership, and peace/conflict management skills.

We’ve often written about James in our news articles. As Economic Development Chief, James founded and currently chairs Western Heritage Home, a Ghanaian non-profit based in his hometown of Axim, and modeled a bit after our own United Way. It’s been Ghana Together’s privilege to work with James for the past seven years, mostly on projects involving children. He believes education and youth development are key factors in Ghana’s economic future and its development as a democracy and we agree.

In his email, James especially thanked Barbara Gilday of Bellingham, WA, who facilitated a class in Appreciative Inquiry with the Takoradi, Ghana Chamber of Commerce at James’ request in 2007. That class opened his eyes as to how empowering training in communication is in helping individuals and groups take action. From that experience, he was inspired to pursue the “Master” certification.

Barbara Gilday and James following the AI Class held at the Chamber of Commerce in Takoradi, Ghana, in Sept 2007. James was President of the Chamber at that time.
He also thanked Maryanne Ward, President of Ghana Together, who has been his non-profit business partner since 2006, and who has shared management expertise on many occasions when they have been together in Ghana.

James and Maryanne at Ashesi University, Accra, Ghana, January 2012

Barbara and Maryanne have been privileged to work with James, to know his family, and to be welcomed into his home. But they agree that the credit for this achievement goes entirely to James, who has never flagged in his energy and ambition to develop his own skills to better the lives of the people of Ghana, especially in the Nzema region.