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Aug 28, 2010

WHH Internet Cafe/Computer Lab Gets Air Conditioning

Mr. Isaac Bentil, Managing Director of Western Heritage Home in Axim, Ghana, oversees "Emma", the technican from Zain Corporation, as he installs an air conditioning unit in the WHH Community Learning Center's Internet Cafe/Computer Learning Laboratory. WHH staff entered the "Zain's Touching Lives" content, winning a complete computer lab, with ten desktops, software, peripherals, and the all important high-speed internet service. The AC will be operated only on an as-needed basis, to conserve energy.

The lab is up and running, with customers coming to use the internet and students taking advantage of beginning computer classes as they prepare for the ICT sections of their final exams.

WHH will also install a few webcams and headsets, so families can "talk" to each other long distance via internet. The internet cafe will be a new and needed link for Nzema families as they stay in touch with extended family members living in other parts of the world. Ex-pats who may be reading this might wish to remind their families in the Nzema area about this new service. Staff at WHH stand ready to help folks set up emails, learn the ropes, and get launched! There is a reasonable fee for the service.Any profits will go to buying food and school costs for the children who reside at WHH's Children's Home.

Ghana Together helped with technical advice and some equipment and software not readily available in Ghana. We're proud that the facility we helped build is being put to such good use by our friends in Axim.