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Jan 2, 2011

Thank You Axim Community!!

It takes a whole village (municipality) to support a community organization! Western Heritage Home, our partner NGO that coordinates multiple projects in the Axim area, enjoys the positive regard of the Axim community. Recently, Barbara Davis, the Home Mother, Isaac Bentil, the Managing Director of WHH and James Kainyiah, Chairman of the Board, tallied up the gifts received by the Children’s Home in the last few months from local churches, mosques, businesses, and individuals. Ghana Together is grateful for the mostly financial donations from Americans---simple to wire, easy in terms of customs regulations, and supports local Axim businesses. However, it’s really great to know that local folks are pitching in, as well.

We thought you might like to see the list! And oh, the frisbees are a gift from kind Americans---an exciting new sport for the children.

2 sachet of fresh taste, 1 bag of Rice, 1 tin tomato, 3bottles of oil, 1 box of biscuit, clothes, 2 fresh sachet of fresh taste, and 1 box of biscuits
Cloths (towels)
Pencils, drawing sheets, crayons, and calculators Toys, story books, dresses, panties, sandals, necklaces, color pencils etc
T-shirts and trousers
1 bag of rice, 1 box of soap, 2 packets of t-rolls
1 carton of milk, 2 bags of fresh taste
1 gallon of oil, 2 packs of toffees, 5 bags of water
Toothbrushes/Tooth pastes
18 shorts, underwear’s for both for both boys and girls
1 bag of 50kg rice, 2 gallons of cooking oil, 6 pieces of clothes for girls and 2 crates of eggs
2 bags of rice, 2 gallons of vegetable oil and 1 big tin tomato
1 bag of rice
19 eating bowls
1 deep freezer (for freezing fish)
22 Books
Clothing and food stuffs
Food stuffs
1 carton of Chicken, Perfume rice, 1 gallon of oil
Rice, gari, Tomatoes, Groundnut paste
2nd-hand cloth
Rice, Biscuits, 2 cartons of drinks
Rice, carton of tin tomatoes
Water, bread, rice, biscuits, provisions, oil, soaps, etc.
30 Ghana cedis Cash
Gari, tomatoes, used cloths
Used clothes and shoes
Used clothes
Clothes, cocktail drinks (non-alcohol!! :)
Shoes and used cloths
Crate of soft drinks/ used clothes
Soft drinks
Used clothes
500 Ghana cedis Cash (about $360 US)