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Aug 12, 2014

Project(s) Update

A little more than half a year has gone by. What about those projects Western Heritage Home and Ghana Together so bravely launched in January this year?

...many ups and downs, BUT two projects---the new Mobile Library Van and the Children’s Computing Lab---were dedicated just last week.

Community Leaders at the Dedication Ceremony held in the Community Center for the Children's Computing Lab and the Mobile Library Van
Thanks to the support of Mr. James Baidoe, the Municipal Chief Executive, and the District Assembly, WHH (under the leadership of James Kainyiah), has been given a room in the centrally located Community Center for both the Children’s Computing Lab and the Leif Pederson Internet Café for adults.
One Laptop Per Child Computing Lab, just for kids. Mostly boys in this photo, but we'll work on getting the girls involved, too.! The Leif Pederson Internet Café (for adults) has also been moved to this location, and can be seen in the background

Peter, who learned OLPCs when he was living at the WHH Children's Home (now a high school student) is the part-time "teacher" during his school break. Here he uses a projector to demonstrate the many educational activities geared to young children

The Mobile Library Van is getting limited use during the school break, but will deliver books to area schools when school resumes on Sept 9. The van will deliver books to area schools, especially to the "P4" students (our 4th grade) when students typically transition from "learning to read" to "reading to learn."
The schools have few to no textbooks or libraries so this is a crucial service to improve literacy.

Mr. Baidoe handing the keys to the Library Van to Librarian Gadiel Eyison, Acting Director of the Axim Public Library


WOW!!! It's absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!
"Mr. Gad" starts her up!! Luckily he has been riding motorcycles for some time, since the library used an ordinary motorcycle for a couple of years before it died and now has been replaced with this van. He looks happy!!

This effort creates a centrally-located “Learning Center” linking the public library, the children’s library nook/story hour space, the children’s computing lab, and the adult internet café...more reliable electricity/internet signals, serves business community as well, and just more efficient.

One of our scholarship students from the Apowosika Village School speaks her thanks before the crowd on behalf of her fellow students from the Axim Primary Schools
Children can hear a good story! Check out book! Use a computer! Take the book home and show off reading skills to Mom and Dad! Brag about computer skills to their siblings! Who cares if it’s a mile or two walk???  

Students joining in a prayer of thanksgiving to close the dedication ceremony

We extend our heartfelt thanks to those who helped us create the Children's Computing Lab. All of the OLPCS have been donated over the years (if you have one, you know who to contact!!). Thank you,


---to those who donated funds to create the lab (paint, tables, electrical connections, etc.)

---to the original creators of the OLPCs who mostly donated their time and incredible technical expertise and continue to do so

---to those who have donated children's books (some 5,000 now)

---to Ebby who helps us ship books

---to folks in Ghana who deliver the books from the port to Axim

---to Librarian Mercy Ackah whose leadership in Axim really launched this project. Mercy is now directing the Takoradi Library, of which the Axim Library is a branch.

---to the devoted, creative, energetic leaders of Western Heritage Home who have ideas and when helped, get them DONE!!!

NOTE: we thank Evans Arloo, Western Heritage Home Manager, for the photos

Meanwhile, due to the ebola outbreak, our Ghana Together team has postponed our travel Axim. We hoped to enjoy the Kundum Festival, review projects, and help launch the new school year, but we'll save that for next time.

Our friends in Axim are well aware of the threat and are taking what steps they can, given limited resources. The Ghana Ministry of Health has declared a “Red Alert” and is disseminating information.
Axim leaders are setting up information sessions at this same Community Center. They are finding every hand washing station they can and making sure they are operable. Pastors and other leaders are informing the people about the disease and specific hygienic practices.

We feel helpless here in the US, but we are with them in spirit and in our prayers.

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