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Jul 11, 2017

How Are Those Western Heritage Home Scholars Doing??

Remember, way back, when James Kainyiah refused to identify a bunch of kids as "orphans" or what the Ghana Ministry of Women and Children calls "OVCs" (orphaned or vulnerable children)?

...NO, he said. No. These children are our SCHOLARS...we are making leaders of the least! ...And so we are.

Maryanne Ward traveled to Ghana in June and caught up with most of the 74 scholars Ghana Together supported in one way or another during the 2016-2017 school year. A wonderful adventure!!
Dorothy is in her last term of nursing school, and will graduate in November. She is currently doing clinical practicum in the hospital in Babiana, Ghana. 

Dorothy doing her practicum

Eric and Francis are both in automotive apprentice programs in Tarkwa and Takoradi. Maryanne met Francis’ mother briefly, who expressed her thanks. Unfortunately, We don't have up-to-date pics...
Philomena and Charlotte have graduated from Nsein Senior High School, both in the top ten of their class.

Philomena is working for Mr. Bentil as a receptionist in his business and also cares for her five younger siblings, because her mother is too ill to care for them. She is teaching her 14-year old brother to cook, so if/when she is accepted into nursing school in September, he can manage, he says, and he'll keep himself and the younger siblings in school. Then, when Dorothy becomes a nurse, she can help him with his own training.

Charlotte has started a small business selling water sachets, which she says has enabled her to support herself. Her Mom, who told Maryanne she finished 3rd grade herself, is just over-the-top proud of Charlotte and as a savvy market woman, has helped Charlotte launch her own little business. Charlotte also plans to go to nursing school in September, with our help.

Philomena, Maryanne, Charlotte, Charlotte's niece, and Charlotte's Mom

Emmanuella is finishing her first year at Ghana National College in Cape Coast, which has a specialized senior high school for blind students like her. She told us she's made friends, and has learned to "walk about the campus" unaided. She's learning via a "talking laptop", and will join the choir in September!

During the break, she will join her Auntie who has a small subsistence farm near Axim, and help out as much as she can.

Emmanuella with her laptop. She has a special program that reads her textbooks aloud, and headphones

Peter is finishing his term at Nsein Senior High. Peter will work during the break readying the Heritage Building for a new group of boarding female students from Manye Academy Senior High. He will finish his senior high school in spring of 2018 and hopes to go to university to become an engineer.

Peter and Maryanne discussing Peter's future!!

Kingsley (2nd year) and George (1st year) are finishing their term at Community Vocational Development Technical Institute (CDVTI). They are specializing in welding, but taking courses in English, math, computing, government, and some other basic vocational classes. During the break, they will work as "apprentices" to a local welder.

Kingsley and George---"brothers" in the art of welding!

Gifty and Ernestina are finishing their  year at Axim Girls Senior High School. Gifty wants to become a teacher and hopes to attend extension classes from the Winneaba School of Education, held right in Axim at the Manye Academy. Ernestina is about to enter her 3rd year of SHS.
Gifty and Ernestina with Maryanne---PURPLE is the school color!!

Johnson completed Junior High and will enter CDVTI in September and specialize in electrical work. He is working now with his uncle preparing little rubber plant shoots for planting.

Johnson and Maryanne

Godwin is finishing his 2nd junior high school term, and plans to take his BECE exam and graduate in August 2018.

Olivia is an entrepreneur, in business with her Mom, selling gari, a food made from cassava, and other food items.  
Maryanne and Olivia, near her and her Mom's food stand

Gladys is in 3rd level at Manye Academy and Ben in 4th level. These two, with Godwin and a few others, plan to spend time at the Heritage Building during their break, working with the One Laptop Computers, esp. the more advanced learning activities. Have fun and learn at the same time!!

Gladys, Maryanne, Godwin, and Ben

Twelve scholarship students at CDVTI will graduate end of August, specializing in vocations such as hairdressing, sewing, culinary arts, and carpentry. They also have training in entrepreneurship, family/home management, etc. They received Days for Girls and Leadership training in 2016.

Ghana Together scholarship graduates at Community Vocational Development Technical Institute (one is missing)

Thirteen Apewosika Village School-Christ the King scholarship students will graduate Level 6 and start at government-funded junior high school in September. We supported 50 primary students at this school during the 2016-2017 school year, helping this poor fishing neighborhood. Fishing is declining, and the community is struggling.

13 of these students are graduating Grade 6 and are headed for JHS---we are sorry we didn't get a pic of the actual 13!!

Each of these young men and women have been given a chance to overcome their circumstances through education. Ghana is investing liberally in education, with government schools initiating tuition-free senior high school this coming September.

In fact, when we started working in Ghana in 2006, there was no tuition-free education from primary through university.

On behalf of these 74 youngsters we've helped out during the 2016-2017 school year, we thank especially the adults in Axim ---James Kainyiah and Queen Mother Nana Adjow Sika, Evans Arloo (WHH Operations Mgr), Headmistresses/Headmasters, and teachers. Their dedication is inspiring.

 And we thank you, our dear readers...for your support and encouragement.


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