Ghana Together works with our Ghanaian friends of Western Heritage Home, a Ghanaian-registered and managed non-profit, to improve social, educational, and health conditions in Axim, Ghana. Together we accomplish projects, connect WHH to resourceful individuals and organizations, and create sustainable programs. We make a real difference to real people in a local, grassroots effort. Our website at tells our story.

Oct 29, 2010

New Desks For Anglican "A" Primary School

Students from Axim's Anglican "A" Primary School help carry into their school 50 new student desks. Western Heritage Home (WHH), with funding assistance from Ghana Together, presented the desks, two teachers' desks and two teachers' chairs. The school is running split shifts, due to overcrowding.  However, two of the usable classrooms, with good roofs, could not be used because there were no desks for the children. Now at least 80 more children will be able to attend school all day, thanks to generous friends.

The desks were built by Mr. Francis Amokwaw, a local Axim carpenter with a shop near the school, at a cost of about $1400 US. Francis used native Ghana hardwood for long-lasting durability. In a note to Ghana Together, Mrs. Cecilia Nokoe, Headmistress, and the Rev. F.B. Dickson, Parish Priest, extended their thanks from the entire school and church. Isaac Bentil oversaw the project on behalf of WHH. Nana Adjow Sika II, Queen Mother of Upper Axim Traditional Council, lay leader in the Anglican Church, and WHH Board Member, assisted in the dedication of the desks.

The Anglican School in Axim is a "government school"---what we in the US would call a "public school." However, Anglican missionaries built the school early in the 20th century, and while the St. Mary's Anglican Church still owns the building, the Axim Education Dept runs the programs, provides teachers, and pays per capita amounts for each student enrolled. The "Methodist" and "Catholic" schools in Axim are managed under the same arrangement.

Ghana Together is delighted to be able to help WHH, a Ghanaian-registered NGO managed by Mr. James Kainyiah, Board Chair, and Mr. Isaac Bentil, Managing Director. WHH is a community-based charity NGO focused mostly on children and health.