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Dec 19, 2019

Can You Hear The Clapping?

Two amazing young women! Do you two hear a weird sound there, in good old Axim Town, coming from the Atlantic Ocean, just feet away from where you right now? Believe it or not, that is clapping and cheering from your longtime American friends!

Yes, Charlotte and Philomena, YOU HAVE DONE IT! You have graduated from Asanta Nursing School, and we are proud of you! We were delighted to forward to each of you the $300 Graduation Award, set up by our Board Member Leif Pederson before his passing. He intended this gift to be used by graduates to open a bank account, learn to manage money, and pay for transition costs after graduation. How proud he would be of both of you! 

What an accomplishment for two young women who, at age ten---in early 2007--- were both taken into the Western Heritage Children's Home as residents. You are somewhere in this first photo, part of a group of children who, for various reasons, had been identified by local leaders as OVCs---orphaned or vulnerable children. You became Western Heritage Home Scholars.

2007 photo of all the Scholars living in Western Heritage Home

Charlotte in her early school years,in her Manye Academy uniform

Philomena as a young student. She also attended Manye Academy

You have both worked hard and thanks to Western Heritage Home, the local Ghanaian NGO, founded and led by James Kainyiah and other local leaders, and with help from Ghana Together, you had financial support all these years. We owe a big thanks to ALL who helped fund your education. And a thank you to Manye Academy, especially Teacher and Headmistress Felicia Ackah. And to the new Axim Girls Senior High, which was established just in time for you to attend! Miraculous!!

As students at Axim Girls Senior High, with Maryanne Ward of Ghana Together

And, after graduating SHS, you made your way for one year selling water sachets and other goods in the local Axim market 

You were encouraged to follow your dream---nursing school. You applied and were accepted! And here you are in 2017 as students at Asanta Nursing School. just west of Axim  

And now, just last week, these two Scholars have graduated! Having done their practicums in the hospital in Takoradi, they are applying for hospital jobs anywhere in Ghana. We congratulation them and wish them well. 


WHH’s motto is “Making Leaders of the Least”...

...and with a lot of help from us, they are doing just that! On their behalf, and especially on Philomena and Charlotte's behalf, we of Ghana Together thank so much all who helped make this possible!! 

And yes, we have more students currently enrolled in various levels, including eight in college, nine in vocational school, and forty-seven in primary school. So, yes, we appreciate help!

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