Ghana Together works with our Ghanaian friends of Western Heritage Home, a Ghanaian-registered and managed non-profit, to improve social, educational, and health conditions in Axim, Ghana. Together we accomplish projects, connect WHH to resourceful individuals and organizations, and create sustainable programs. We make a real difference to real people in a local, grassroots effort. Our website at tells our story.

Feb 7, 2011

Love Those Letters!

Isaac and Ernestina read their new penpal letters!

Our Ghana Together penpal project helps the children of the WHH Children's Home make friends with us North Americans, and vice versa. Before long, it'll probably all be "globalized" with email, Facebook, and who knows what social media! But for now, the good old-fashioned letter works perfectly and receiving them is a highlight for the children. Children in Axim generally see few people from outside their Nzema East area. Thanks to Chief Awulae, the Children's Home does have a small TV, tuned to the Ghanaian "PBS" equivalent. But, the world is changing rapidly, and the letters help the children to connect to the rest of the world in a safe and friendly way. Thank you, North Americans, for your participation!!