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Sep 17, 2012

Vacation School Photos

Well, we finally received a few photos of the 3-week English/Math/Computer Vacation School we described in our last post. We would have enjoyed more, but we're grateful for what we received! It has been fun to experience the excitement of this "education experiment" in Axim. By all accounts, it was a smashing success.

Where is Africa? Where is Ghana?

Per James, kids who missed the bus walked the 1-2 miles or so to be able to use the One Laptop Per Child Computers. Thank you, you G1G1 donors! By popular demand, WHH will run "OLPC Saturday Classes" going forward. These kids have only SEEN computers---never touched one before. Did we mention we accept OLPCs in any condition?


What is a measuring cup? 

Now it's getting complicated! LED light sources? Where is Nana Jerome when we need him?

Sep 7, 2012

Axim Vacation School Report from Zak & Maureen

(Note: We received the following report from Zak and Maureen, the organizers, about the first-ever vacation school in Axim (see article from August 25 below, which we revised slightly to correct some facts). We highlighted Zak, the WHH Manager-in-Training in an Aug 2 post, also. We're still hoping for some photos! Note that the term "Nana" is James' title as a traditional chief focusing on development. He is also a full-time businessman. James founded the NGO Western Heritage Home to help him in this work.) 

Vacation School Report from Zak and Maureen

The three weeks vacation school which was organized to help school children at primary to improve their academic level particularly in ICT computer has ended today 28th August 2012.
The vacation school started from 6th August 2012 at Western Heritage Home. The attendance on the first day was low as 21 pupils. This number increased incredibly by the end of the first week to 51.

The total people registered at the end of the program was 117.

These pupils were grouped into three classes that is primary class 4,5 and 6 and are thought [taught] according to the class timetable. The subjects treated were science, Math, English language and ICT computer [Note: One Laptop Per Child computers / OLPCs]. The introduction of ICT computer made the school very lively and interesting to both teachers and pupils.
The classes start from 8:30am and end 12:00pm everyday. The pupils are conveyed to and fro by a bus in the morning and afternoon. The pupils came along with their foods and drinks to enjoy during the break time at 11:00am.

The pupils suggested that this educative program should be organized for them every school vacation to help improve their academy performance so as to compete with pupils in big cities in the field of academics especially ICT computer. This they said when Nana (James) visited the Home.
Nana (James) advised them to be serious with their education since they are the future leaders. He continued that education without ICT is not complete and they should take the advantage of this opportunity to learn ICT. The children thanked Nana, W.H.H/GT [Western Heritage Home / Ghana Together]very much and all and sundry who made little a contribution to bring this project into reality.

In order not to kill the interest and the zeal the kids have, the organizers (Maureen and Zak) have decided to bring the children to the home to learn ICT computer every weekend (Saturday).


Our ultimate appreciation goes to God Almighty our source of knowledge and strength. It interests us to express much thanks to the following important personalities;
1. W.H.H/Ghana Together headed by Maryanne ward for sponsoring the program. It is our prayer that God will give you  strength to continue the good work towards the children of Axim.

2. Nana (James Kainyah) and W.H.H board members for encouraging and supporting us through out the weeks we say God bless you all.
3. Teachers  - Mr. Simon(Science), Mr. Daniel Armah (English), Jeremiah (ICT), Zak(Math) for their relentlessly work done. We hope you will be with us next time when such opportunity comes.