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Oct 26, 2013

PTA Starts the Moving-In Process in Axim, Ghana JHS Public (Government) School

We thought we would post a progress update on the JHS school renovation project in Axim, Ghana, that we featured in our last News Update of August 29.
You may remember that before work started, back in August, the building looked like this---it was completely unusable.

JHS Building, August 2013

Work has been ongoing since then. The exterior, as you can see below, is finished.
As you can imagine, both students and parents are very excited about this renovation. In fact, last week, as a work project, the PTA moved school desks and benches into one room of the building, even though it is really not yet ready for use. Then, they held their meeting there, too.

PTA Members Gathering for Work Project and Meeting in Renovated School Building. Looks Good!!!

PTA Members with some Students After their Monthly Meeting in Front of Building. The PTA Chairman is shown in white caftan in the foreground
At their monthly meetings, the PTA members who can donate small amounts of cedis to help pay for various school improvements. While this is a hardship on some, it also increases parental commitment to their children's education.

PTA Parents Contributing Small Donations of Cedis in the New Classroom. They had just moved in these desks and held their meeting here.

With the exterior finished, carpenters are finishing up work on the interior. They removed the broken ceiling tiles, and are installing a new ceiling. The entire  building, inside and out, is being painted.

Broken Ceiling Tiles

Ready for New Ceiling

When all the skilled work is done, the PTA will be back to give the place a good cleaning, move in all furnishings, and make sure everything is in order for their "wards" and their teachers.

With energy and good luck the building will be ready for students on November 1!

Ghana Together's friend, partner, and basically the brains behind this project is James Kainyiah  (who is becoming an AWESOME photographer). He sent this picture which he titled, "Students Anxious To See Their School Building Completed!" And so they are.

Thanks, you all.
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