Ghana Together works with our Ghanaian friends of Western Heritage Home, a Ghanaian-registered and managed non-profit, to improve social, educational, and health conditions in Axim, Ghana. Together we accomplish projects, connect WHH to resourceful individuals and organizations, and create sustainable programs. We make a real difference to real people in a local, grassroots effort. Our website at tells our story.

Dec 10, 2013

2013 Ghana Together Wrap-Up

Most of you have by now received our Annual Update Letter, either by US postal mail or by email. If not, you can access it here.

A few comments:

First, we apologize to Jerome Chandler, whose name was inadvertently left off the "Directors" list at the bottom of the letter that was mailed earlier. One of those complete mysteries---Jerome has actually been on our Board since the get-go and of course, has been the driving force behind all things "science." And such a vital force he is!!

Second, we want especially to thank all who have done the hard work of collecting, packing, and shipping children's books (3035 now, by exact count). Some sixty of you have donated One Laptop Per Child Computers (OLPCs). Some of you have helped refurbish those computers. Others have given scientific calculators, science and other educational materials, lightly used laptops, and, of course, money.

And on the Ghanaian side, we thank James Kainyiah for his many visits to Axim and his constant oversight of all the projects; the Axim community volunteers who helped process the books at the Children's Library; the headmistresses and other school leaders who found rooms, security arrangements, supervised contractors, and generally put the resources to work.

We thank Francis, who for five years or more has been the faithful watchman, protecting the property and seeing to the safety of both people and materials at the Heritage Home in Axim. 

The parents of Apewosika School and the central area JHS, through their PTA associations, supported their scholarship children, and helped at the JHS construction site.

We especially thank Chief Awulae Attibrukusi and the Nzema East District Assembly and District Chief Executive for their ongoing support.

You'll see in our letter our plans for next year. Of course, after eight years, we have learned that working in Africa, one can expect surprises! Our model is to work mostly through leaders in Axim. What a lot we have all---Ghanaians and Americans---learned from each other!

We wish you all a really good 2014!

Directors Maryanne Ward, Tom Castor, Louise Wilkinson, Jerome Chandler, Sue Pederson, and Rich Ward