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Apr 6, 2022

Something to cheer us up

Yesterday, we had great news! Frederick Johnson has been a "WHH Scholar" since he was a very young boy, thanks to his classification by the Ghana government as an "ORV"---an orphaned or vulnerable child. He grew up in the Western Heritage Children's Home, thanks to an incredible effort by the Axim, Ghana leaders, especially James Kainyiah, and because of the generous support of all you, our dear readers!

Along with all the WHH Scholars, he attended the nearby Primary/JHS Manye Academy and from a very early age, showed a fascination with electricity. And since back in the early 2000's, Ghana was just really getting into electricity, he became a sort of "assistant" to the electrician who was working at his school. 

And so, that leads us to yesterday! After a long journey, he has achieved a goal he's harbored for many years. He has arrived! Yesterday he was granted a certificate as a Licensed Electrical Wiring Professional! We are proud and we are grateful. 

Frederick in 2008, proudly showing he can spell his name!

Frederick yesterday, showing his professional certificate!

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