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Nov 12, 2018

Making Leaders of the Least!

Wow! She DID it! 

This very morning, in Takoradi, Ghana, Western Heritage Home Scholar Dorothy Armoo formally went through her graduation from Asanta Nursing/Midwifery College and her induction ceremony into the Ghana National Health Service.

She is now a certified professional nurse!

Nov 12, 2018
Dorothy has been "one of ours" since 2006. She was a child who needed a home. Western Heritage Home Chairman James Kainyiah found her and brought to live at their Children's Home. She became a "Western Heritage Home Scholar".

She learned to spell her name! She attended nearby Manye Academy. She graduated from Nsein Senior High School. Her dream from when she was a small child was to become a nurse. And she has achieved her dream! 

James Kainyiah and Dorothy after her graduation ceremony. He is the proud "father," having provided overall care for her for so many years!

Western Heritage Home's motto is: "Making Leaders of the Least." And Dorothy is a prime example!

Ghana Together has worked hand-in-hand with WHH to support Dorothy for many years. We especially thank her "special sponsor" who has been so faithful. 

Dorothy herself worked as a kindergarten teacher for one year, while she waited acceptance into nursing school after graduating senior high. And she's been supporting herself as part of the Lou Moon Lodge cleaning staff for a few months between end of classes and today's formal induction. Now she awaits assignment to her national service post. 

Congratulations Dorothy! We are proud!

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